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FOLLOWING the fatal shooting of Mark Duggan by Metropolitan Police officers earlier this year a peaceful march escalated into a full scale riot in Tottenham, North London.

THEREAFTER several London boroughs and districts of cities and towns across England suffered widespread rioting, looting and arson. The unrest soon spread to other areas of England, including Bristol and The North West. There have now been over 30,000 arrests – five people have died as a direct result of the related violent acts, with an estimated £200 million worth of property damage.

ALTHOUGH the streets are now back to normal, the scars are evident – and not just in bricks and mortar. The violence has not only left a dramatic imprint on our society as a whole, but has in turn ushered more long standing issues in the public gaze. We may be the world’s sixth largest economy, but our infrastructure is infected with drugs, street crime, and general discontent within the youth of today.


...is the brainchild of 21 year old entrepreneur JO LLOYD – a woman on a mission.

“This is a hugely exciting project which stems from the recent riots and devastation that hit our city centres” she says… “we are going all out to raise funds not only for those local communities that are still recoiling in the wake of the unrest, but to all local communities who can then help keep children off the streets and give them a chance to make a life for themselves".

FIRST STOP is a charity record. The chart challenger with a difference sees unsigned artists on a brand new version of “Iridescent” by US supergroup Linkin Park. The team scoured the UK to find young people who had been affected by the riots and “PROJECT UNDERDOG” record was born.

ALONG with the record – which could indeed prove to be a surprise Christmas number one, there is a “Project Underdog” roadshow, and a nationwide assault on the media to raise awareness to the plight of so many.

PROCEEDS of sales for this record will be donated to local communities to help initiatives to keep young people off the streets and to get involved in sport, music and other activities.

“We started this in direct response to the dreadful events earlier this year”, says Jo Lloyd… "But it is now steamrolling into a much bigger idea. The fires may be out… the streets may now be quiet …but there are many people up and down the UK who have still not recovered from the devastation of August 2011. Lives have been shaken in a massive way”.

“But we also want to help those kids who suffer the daily heartache of loneliness and despair. We want to reach out to those who feel lost and forgotten and give them hope for a brand new day”.

“IRIDESCENT” by Project Underdog

- Released by InScreen Records / Universal
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